Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hello-I'm All In

Advice given to Bob Reif
"All In Works Everytime Except Once!" Ed Reif

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Poker Without Money is An Opinion: An Obituary for The Texas Holdem Generation Gap

WWJD? Chris Jesus" Ferguson Wins the 2008 Heads-Up Championship

Some people get their Poker Ph.D. from ESPN; others, from UCLA. Jesus got his Doctorate in Game Theory. A tweeds to riches story--academia can't compete with the huge payouts that tournament poker players enjoy.
This is the wake up call from ABC by-the- book players to the internet crews. The so-called new ways to play holdem are the old ones heated up in a microwave for 15 seconds. You see, Poker Doesn't think. It is an infinite game;the overall phenomenon of NLH has no end. It is always a frontier, always on the edge. WWJD? Jesus is edgy, getting jiggy with it at Ceasar's.

I wanted to write the book--Learn Poker in Ten Years--What's the rush? Then, I realized--- Things don't even out with time, they even out with the number of hands you play!
Learn Poker from the JOES:Change is instant. It's preparing for the change that takes time. That's why online is for the ages, the ages of 21 to 120!
There are no longer digital homeless who only play cash games. Online is grad school. I got my BS (Bull Sh*t) degree in Poker at brick and mortar Los Angeles Card Clubs like The Bike, Commerce and Hustler. I got my MBA (More Bull Sh*t) degree at PartyPoker back in 1999! Then, they, the anonymous no one, pulled the plug on US Players.
I'm doing online course work at Fulltilt andPokerStars. I need $85, 000 more credits before I graduate in May 2008! You see:MONEY IS POKER'S REPORT CARD

Give a man a fish you teach him for a day; teach him how to play poker, you don't have to teach him anything!

Poker the insignificant other-

Poker is a lot like "significant others"---coming into your life for a reason, for a season or for treason. It is not a game of cards played with money. it is a game of money played with cards. It is a game of partial information. Betting is the language that comunicates either that you have the best hand, or you want others to think you do by gambling they won't call your bluff--with the worst hand.

Poker rewards aggression, but there has to come a time in your cash game where you realize that chips are not tournament chips but real money! That day has come for Hotel_Anyware.

Chips also = capital, not income. This is a business, and like a general contractor, your chips are your tools---Don't sell the tools. It's like selling the car for gas money! The cost of doing business are the chips; bad beats, the overhead.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Rock.Paper.Scissors: Holdem's Cliff Notes

Rock.Paper.Scissors. It's not just for kids anymore. Part coin flip, part drawing straws, RPS is not just some novelty way to gamble but a poker strategy to bet:

When it comes to holdem, no limit holdem, it is too random to be left up to chance. ROCK=CHIPS. PAPER=Cards. SCISSORS=POSITION.

Rock: wins against scissors, loses to paper and stalemates against itself.

Paper wins against Rock, loses to scissors and stalemates against itself.

Scissors wins against paper, loses to rock and stalemates against itself.

Don't call us we'll call you
Hotel Anyware has had a poker epiphany----You can't immediately win by calling; you can by betting, or raising!
Furthermore, you need a stronger hand to call than to bet or raise. betting or raising allows the possibility of winning the pot immediately by forcing decisions on the other opponents, who may very well fold, with slim holdings....and never cold call a preflop raise with easily dominated off suit hands.

The Equity of Folding in a Tournament-Folding is the invisable way to win

The best way to win more is to fold more! Hand selection is really something to consider; so is position. Playing too many starting hands is the How Not to Do It way..When it is raised in front of you-Your mantra should be "I'm looking for a way to fold this AJ offsuit.

LOOSE playing---you are looking for reasons to call; TIGHT, to fold---choose your posion.
CHIPS, they comes from weakness: exploit opponent weakness to play ATC, any two cards, who come here to gamble mentality.

CP, calling pattern, BP, betting patterns. Pay attention to these hints. Sit to the LEFT of loose players. When you have a monster let lefty bet out. Players who just sit down are easier to bluff and less likely to play weak hands.